Saturday, October 23, 2010


Aside from my tireless efforts to promote DIONYSUS WEPT, I managed to pursue other interests at NYCC. Mostly these involved the two volume set of my bound SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICTORY issues. SEVEN SOLDIERS is a comic book metaseries written by Grant Morrison and published by DC Comics. It was published as seven interrelated mini-series and two bookend issues. The series features a new version of the Seven Soldiers of Victory fighting to save Earth from the Sheeda. Besides the masterful storytelling of Grant Morrison, the story showcased nine insanely talented artists. The book's pages are saturated with Morrison's coarse words filling up word balloons that sit atop beautifully rendered images of brief sexual content and horrific violence. WHAT MORE COULD ONE ASK FOR?
At NYCC I had the privlege of meeting SEVEN SOLDIERS artists Cameron Stewart(Manhattan Guardian), Yanick Paquette(Bulleteer), and Freddie Williams II(Mister Miracle). All three provided sketches of their characters from the book to go along with the Vigilante sketch previously provided by JH Williams III. They were gracious and engaging. It was a great thrill to hear these gifted men talk about their experience on the project that I hold so dear to my heart. Thanks again gentlemen!
Sadly my ultimate tribute to sequential art will have to remain incomplete...for now. With any luck, I'll have the chance to meet up with Ryan Sook, Doug Mahnke, Pascal Ferry, Frazer Irving and Simone Bianchi.
Freddie Williams II
Never has Grant Morriosn's talent been spotlighted more than in this story. He is able to take obscure characters from various corners of the DC Comics universe and craft a compelling tale that has developed an ardent following. Morrison Rules!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The creative minds behind DIONYSUS WEPT will be attending the final day of New York Comic Con. Get up to the minute details from the con floor by following me on Twitter. Or just check back here for all the groovy news.

Friday, October 1, 2010


The murder-tastic graphic novel, DIONYSUS WEPT keeps chugging along. I've been getting images back from, master-illustrator Marc Borstel and I just can't keep them to myself! As you can see Marc is KILLING! Here we see some of the main players in this "urban tragedy of immense social significance." Look for this mind-assaulting comic from ARCANA STUDIOS early next year.