Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dominant Submission

Until I decipher the complexities of Web Design, this will be the place to stay current on my new adventures in sequentiality. Following the critical success of THE OUTER SPACE MEN, DIONYSUS WEPT will blow the roof off of comic bookery as we know it. Page 1 of this courageous effort is posted here! I'm proud to announce that once again I've teamed up with ultra-talented comic artist MARC BORSTEL. Previously the colorist on THE OUTER SPACE MEN Graphic Novel, Marc is poised to make his lasting "mark" on the comic industry. It is with great anticipation that I await completed pages from Marc as I prepare my official submission proposal to comic book publishers. Picture a "hard-boiled" version of MARATHON MAN meets THE FRENCH CONNECTION meets BOYS FROM BRAZIL meets FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS....but with word balloons. Besides the benefit of Marc's limitless talents, I'm currently working out the details with one of the industry's finest cover artists. As soon as I lock him up, I'll post a blog about it.

Until next time, enjoy this video of a news story about artist Marc Borstel, broadcast in his home country of Argentina. The piece centers around our collaborative effort on TESSYLEIA 2.0 for ZUDA online comics. Or just read this Q&A I did with NEWSARAMA.

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