Monday, August 9, 2010


Looking back, it was destined to happen. Nothing was going stop THE OUTER SPACE MEN from making their galactic return to the TOY-VERSE. It Couldn't have been a coincidence that I, Eric HAYES, wrote the epic Graphic Novel of OUTER SPACE MEN epicness that was the highlight of New York Comic Con '09. Or that MASTER toy-design, Eric "Cornby" MAYSE (also attending NYCC '09) had an interest in reviving the imaginative toyline from the '60's. Ironically, a face-to-face meeting never took place there. Probably for the best, as my beautiful girlfriend Michelle was alone in our booth as the rest of us were speaking on a panel. Michelle's importance cannot be minimized as a bad first impression could have killed this mission at it's inception.MICHELLEATNYCC
Ultimately, I was able to set up a dialogue between THE OSM creator Mel Birnkrant, and Cornboy's FOUR HORSEMEN DESIGN STUDIO. Something for which I am always quick to pat myself on the back for. Everything culminated with the unexpected package I received from THE FOUR yesterday. My very own Alpha Phase wave 1! This wave of figures are the ultra-limited series which was all the rage at SDCC '10. My 4yr old and I had a blast interchanging their expertly sculpted parts. As I write this, I'm expecting a delivery of CALLGRIM figures that also feature ONELL DESIGN'S GLYOS joint system.
Socially shunned by my unforgiving peers, I spent my childhood engrossed in autonomous play, mainly 3 3/4 STAR WARS and GI JOE action figures. Due to their size and articulation, these OSM figures are right at home in my STAR WARS vehicles. But due to their playability, I'm afraid to put METAMORPHO into my precious DEWBACK for fear I might lose his legs.
Thanks go to THE FOUR HORSEMEN for this amazing gesture with their limited supply of OSM exclusives. Stay tuned for more talk of destiny...and pics of my toys.

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